Every soul must taste death

Every Soul must taste death [Surah Al-‘Ankabut]


Husband as a Spiritual Mentor

The husband is like a spiritual mentor
The spiritual mentor (Shaykh) attends to the spiritual enhancement of the mureed (disciple). However, a normal spiritual mentor who accepts bay’t is insufficient to attend to the spiritual needs of the woman. The spiritual mentor is not available to them at all times.

They require a spiritual mentor of the house, the husband. This type of spiritual mentor, i.e. the husband, is more beneficial to her than the other categories of spiritual mentors. And his status is also more superior than the others.

What a nice spiritual mentor this household spiritual mentor is. Apart from attending to your Deeni requirements, he also provides food etc. for you. He takes the responsibility of both the Deen as well as the dunyaa. These characteristics wouldn’t be found in a normal spiritual mentor. There is no worldly benefit to be derived from him. In fact, offerings (of gifts etc.) have to be made over to (some of) them.

Also, she wont be able to derive as much Deeni benefit from him as she would derive from her husband. A normal spiritual mentor will only be able to guide you when you enquire about something or whenever you happen to go to him. This might come about probably once in many years. Women in particular will hardly end up meeting their spiritual mentor. The husband on the other hand is always with them. He will be able to monitor every deed.

This is why I maintain that the spiritual mentor of the Ba’yt (house) is more superior than the spiritual mentor Bay’t.
[A Gift to the Husband & Wife by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi]

In this day and age the above gives a lot of food for thought for both males and females. The importance of deeni rights owed to women are commonly neglected by menfolk, or they are not even given due importance by the woman.

May Allah swt give us the ability to rectify ourselves of this incorrect thought and implement into our lives practically the important message that Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi highlights in the above extract, Ameen.


Assalamu Alaikum,

I have joined this website to Insha’Allah spread the message of Islam, just how Brother Ahmed, Molana Zain and Sister Mujahidah An Nafs have Alhamdulillah.

“Actions are only according to intentions, and to each only what he intended. Whoever emigrates towards God and His Messenger, his emigration is towards God and His Messenger; whoever emigrates for the attainment of a worldly goal or in order to marry a woman, then his emigration is only towards what he emigrated to.” (Bukhari)

Following this hadeeth, I hold the intention of spreading the word of Islam, and not just giving my views but the words of the Ulama (May Allah Ta’ala shower His blssings upon them. Ameen)

Please make dua for me that my work may be accepted in the eyes of Allah Ta’ala.



Dua for Cure from Sickness

O Allah, we are spiritually sick and we are physically sick.

O my Allah, so many of our brothers and sisters, and our parents are sick and ailing. They are in hospitals. Some are in nursing homes and old-age homes.

O Allah, grant shifa to those who are sick and ailing.

O my beloved Allah, shifa is in Your hands.

O Allah, we know that there is effect in du’aa and there is effect in medication, but O Allah, shifa is in Your hands.

O Allah, we know that sometimes sickness is a rahmat and a blessing in a disguised form, but we are extremely weak.

O Allah, even if such sickness is a rahmat…O Allah, change it to the rahmat of good health.

…But O Allah, we know that most of our sicknesses, depression and anxieties are because of our sins.

O Allah, grant us shifa from all sicknesses and ailments – physical and spiritual.

O Allah, bless us with physical health and spiritual health.

Extract from Duas written by Maulana Yunus Patel (db)