Answered Supplications

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,
Three supplications are answered without a doubt: the supplication of someone who is oppressed, the supplication of someone on a journey, and the supplication of parents for their children.
Al-Adab al-Mufrad

Ramadan Dua

On the authority of Anas (may Allah be pleased with him): The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), used to say the following when the month of Rajab began.
“Oh Allah! Bless us in Rajab and Sha`ban, and bring us, oh Allah, to Ramadan.”
[Narrated by Tabarani and Ahmad]

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Ramadan Resources

Protect your child

Narrated Ibn Abbas:

The Prophet said, “If anyone of you, when having sexual intercourse with his wife, says:
Bismillah, Allahumma jannibna-Sh-Shaitan wa jannib-ish-Shaitan ma razaqtana,
and if it is destined that they should have a child, then Satan will never be able to harm him.” [Bukhari]

Eid ul Fitr

EID MUBARAK!!! I pray you and your families have a blessed day.

Hazrat Ibn Abbas(radhiyallahu anhu) says in a lengthy hadith, that he heard Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) say:
“And the night of Eid-ul-Fitr, the night that is called Laylatul Jaa’izah, (The night of prize giving), comes along. On the morning of Eid Allah sends down the Malaa’ikah to all the lands of the earth where they take their positions at access points of roads, calling out with a voice that is heard by all except man and jinn. “O Ummah of Muhammad (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) come forth from your houses towards a Lord that is noble and gracious, who grants much and pardons the major sins”.

When they proceed towards the places for their Eid salaah, Allah says to the Malaa’ikah: “What indeed is the reward of that employee who had rendered his services?” The Malaa’ikah replies, “O Lord and Master, it is only right that he should receive his reward in full for his services”. Allah then says, “I call you to witness, O My Malaa’ikah, that for their having fasted during the month of Ramadhaan, and for their having stood before Me in prayer by night, I have granted to them as reward My pleasure and have granted them forgiveness. O My servants ask now of Me, for I swear by My honour and My greatness, that whatsoever you shall beg of Me this day in this assembly of yours for the needs of the Hereafter, I shall grant you; and whatsoever you shall ask for worldly needs, I shall look at you favourably. By My honour I swear, as long as you shall obey My commands, I shall cover your faults. By My Honour and My Greatness do I swear that I shall never disgrace you among the evil-doing ones and disbelievers. Depart now from here, you are forgiven. You have pleased Me and I am pleased with you.

The Malaa’ikah on seeing this great reward bestowed by Allah upon the ummah of Muhammad(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr become greatly pleased and happy”. [Targheeb, also a similar hadith reported by Anas (radhiyallahu anhu) in Bayhaqi]

Last Night of Ramadhaan

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said,
‘On the last night of Ramadhaan the fasting Muslims are forgiven.’ The Sahaabah radiyallahu anhum inquired,
‘O Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, is that the night of power?’ Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam replied,
‘No! But it is only right that a servant should be given his reward on having completed his duty’ [Ahmad]

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It is reported from Hazrat Ali (radhiyallahu anhu) that Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam said:

“Whosoever performs an I’tikaaf of ten days in Ramadaan will receive the reward of two Hajj and two Umrah.” (Shu’abul Iemaan)

Night of Power

Look for the night of power (Laylatul Qadr) among the odd numbered nights of the last ten days of Ramadhaan. [Mishkaat]


Not a single prayer made by a fasting person at the time of breaking fast is rejected. [Ibne Maajah]


“Verily, Allah and His angels send mercy upon those who eat Suhur.” [Tabraani]


Sawm (Fasting) is a shield, as long as he (the fasting person) does not tear it up. [Nasa’ee]

Note: Fasting is a protection from Shaytaan or from Allah’s punishment in the hereafter. One ho indulges in sins while fasting, such as lies, backbiting etc., they become the cause of the fast becoing wasted.

Source: Profit from Ramadhaan by Shaykh Saleem Dhorat