99 Names of Allah – Al-Muhaymin

8. Al-Muhaymin اَلْمُهَيْمِنُ

He is the Protector and the Guardian. He is the One who sees to the growth of His creation, leading them where they are destined to go.

Anyone who offers 2 rakaat salaah after ghusl and reads with sincerity this Ism 100 times, Allah will purify him physically as well as spiritually. Also, Allah will acquaint one with the unseen if one reads it 115 times.

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Preparing for Ramadan


When we know we are to attend wedding, we begin to plan and prepare from days and even weeks in advance. We pay much attention to detail so that we arrive to the function on time, are dressed up smartly with clean/ new shoes, have organised a place to stay, eat carefully so as not to ruin our clothing and so on. In a similar way we prepare and plan for other important events, functions, interviews etc.

However, when it comes to approaching our Islamic duties/ obligations we do so little in advance, especially for Ramadan. For some reason we feel we can flick a switch and become great pious personalities overnight. In fact, while this may work short term, in the long term you will more likely ‘burn out’ and return to your former self or in a worse condition. Is it not true afterall that in the middle of the month Ramadan the Masjid halls during taraweeh are at half capacity to what they were in the first few days??

Therefore it is much better we prepare and plan for our deeni activity, much like we do for the dunya ones and inshallah in this manner we can make the most of the belssed month of Ramadan and remain consistent upon the a’maal we adopt.

Anyway, with Ramadan due to start soon I thought it would be good to make a list of things in preparation for Ramadan. Please leave your comments and suggestions as well, via the comments below.

  • Increase in recitation of the Quraan. If possible, complete a minimum of 1 part to daily so as to make 1 whole complete recital of the Holy Quran during Ramadan.
  • Try and perform 4 rakah (units) of tahajjud before partaking in Suhoor.
  • Learn a, or many prophetic duas in Arabic.
  • As much as one can keep Allah in your heart by doing Dhikr eg:
    La ilaaha illallah
  • Devoting more sincerity and concentration into our existing daily prayers.
  • Try and utilise the month to give up smoking.
  • For the more foul mouthed amongst us, try to refrain from swearing the whole month. Friends can help here by lightly hitting or gently reminding his/ her friend each time they swear that they shouldn’t do it. (please note, I take no responsibility for any limbs that may be broken from the above suggestion!)

A small request I make is that if a brother or sister becomes more religious simply for the month of Ramadan, then rather than shooting our mouth off, saying he/ she is a hypocrite and its only for Ramadan etc, why don’t we give gentle words of encouragement so they might continue their virtuousness even after the month of Ramadan. Why should we be so mean to taunt them about what we THINK is only temporary on their part?

If we were to step back a moment and realise that this is the last Ramadan we will see in our lifetime, how would we spend it? How many Muslims do you know of who aren’t around this year to see Ramadan?

Death we know can come to us at any time, yet we still remain so ignorant of the blessing of the time now given to us to be utilised by Allah the Almighty.

I pray Allah gives, first of all me, and all Muslims the ability to utilise the month of Ramadan and safeguard ourselves from the punishment hereafter. I hope brother Zain and sister Mujahidah will at some stage post on this subject, either here or their own blogs.

Please remember this servant of Allah, and the other contributors to this blog in your duas also.


99 Names of Allah – Al-Mu’min

7. Al-Mu’min الْمُؤْمِنُ

He is the illuminator of the light of faith in hearts. He is the Comforter, the Protector of the ones who take refuge in Him.

Whoever says this Name 630 times in times of fear, Allah will protect him from all calamities, mishaps and losses. If anoyone writes it (on paper or by engraving it on a silver ring) and keeps it with hiim (as ta’weez), his physical and spiritual safety will remain the responsibility of Allah.

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99 Names of Allah – As-Salaam

6. As-Salaam اَلْسَّلاَمُ

He is the One who saves the believing servants from all dangers, bringing them peace, blessings and security of paradise.

Anyone who recites this ism continually, Allah will protect him from all calamities and maladies. If said 115 times and blown on a sick person, Insha-Allah, Allah will restore his health.

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Ramadan 2005

Alhumdulillah, the month of Shaban is now upon us and we have less than a month left to go to the blessed month of Ramadan.

What is Ramadan?
Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and during this month Muslims abstain from food, drink, smoking and marital sex during daylight hours (from the break of dawn until sunset). Non Muslims may question as to why we fast during Ramadan, remember when responding that the primary reason is that it has been declared Fardh (obligatory) upon every adult, sane and healthy Muslim and is a form of worship. Fasting in Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. All other reasons such as it teaches us patience, empathy for the hungry etc are secondary.

The month of Ramadan is even more so blessed for the Muslims as it was in this month the Holy Qur’an was revealed. Our scholars and teachers have already started telling us of the virtues and blessings of Ramadan and how the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to await and prepare for the coming of Ramadan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) used to so eagerly await the arrival of the month of Ramadhãn that from the time the moon of Rajab was sighted he would make the following Duã: “O Allah, Bless us in the month of Rajab and Sha’ban and cause us to reach Ramadhan.”

In light of this please find some links to some great articles on Ramadan and how to prepare for it below. Inshallah, on this blog here we will try and post some beneficial information on the subject of Ramadan.

Dua when approaching Ramadhan

Ramadhan Nights

Inshallah Ramadan 2005 will start in the UK on either 3rd or 4th October (Mon/ Tues night).

Please make dua that Allah allows us to see the blessed month of Ramadan and allows us to utilise the blessed month to amass and add to our good deeds and to safeguard ourselves from hellfire in the hereafter.


Salam Alaikum

Salam Alaykum,
So I was able to visit Edinburgh earlier this week and alhumdulillah I saw some beautiful and amazing scenery whilst up there. Looking down at one of the many Lochs up that way none could spot a fault or glitch in the wonderful creation of Allah swt.

How amazing it was to see the water in the lake, and then the same water rises invisibly and forms a visible cloud and the cloud then moves around as does the earth only with the permission of Allah. Later on this same water is then dispelled of from the sky in the form of rain (a mercy of Allah) through which the crops and plantations can grow. Moreso ajeeb that rainfull in excess can cause damage, harmand death, as we have seen around the globe in recent months.

Anyway, onto what I really came to write about…
On two seperate days in the centre of Edinburgh a bearded christian asked me if I could speak arabic. The first time I responded yes, and he was armed with pamphlets for us and tried to get us to take them. Whilst I didnt actually take one, my friend did and he confirmed it as being missionary material. I was shocked for a moment at the preparation and audacity of the christian that he should have such printed material in arabic, in attempt to convert Muslims. The shock didnt last that long as my brain ticked over and recalled their behaviour in Indonesia and Sri Lanka shortly after the Tsunami.

The real sad thing for me was when Muslims attempt to call other Muslims towards good in general, or to the Masjid for a talk etc, then they have the door shut on them or worse mocked, ridiculed etc. Subhanallah, if this is how we behave to our fellow Muslims when they are concerned for us and the ummah, then is it any wonder that the Ummah is in the dire condition it is in today?! Granted we may not totally agree to what is being said to us or the way it is being done, but rather than isolating yourself frm them as quickly as possible why not play a positive role and give them some time and or feedback?

If you cannot at least do this then know that you have done detriment to the cause of Islam rather than benefit. Also in a hadith it is said that ‘Satan is closer to the one and futher from the two, so stick with the community.’ Let these words take root in your mind and inshallah good will come out of it.

Alhumdulillah, I saw Edinburgh central masjid which Mashallah is very nice.
After visiting the mosque we visited Khushis for a bite to eat, and the food was amazing there!!
Anyways, best not start talking about food, else the post might not end.

Duah ma yhad.

99 Names of Allah – Al-Quddus

5. Al-Quddus اَلْقُدُّوْسُ

He is the most pure one, devoid of all Blemish, Shortcoming, Weakness, Heedlessness and Error.

Allah will cure from all spiritual sickness the one who recites this name abundantly each day.

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