Assalam alaykum,

Welcome to Muslim Man blog.  This blog was created to share my views, experiences and lessons on Islam.  I am a twenty something muslim from the UK and of Indian origin.  I am not a scholar and therefore if something is incorrect then please do bring it to my attention.  If you find the stuff on this blog useful, then please don’t leave constant praises for me, just make duah for me and my family and occassionally leave some encouraging words to motivate me.

Finally, may I encourage all the readers to visit sites of my blogroll which are very educational and beneficial.


5 Responses

  1. Jazaa ik Allah hu Khairan, keep writing, it strengthens the emaan. May Allah reward you and your family

  2. Asalaamu alikum wa rahamatullah,

    I was overjoyed to stumble upon your blog.

    Muslim from UK. Snap! (there are too many American Muslims blogging! May Allah bless them, forgive their sins and grant them Jannah)

    I’ll insha’allah visit again soon- you’ve some interesting post here.

    May Allah give you success. Please do feel welcome to visit my blog- Don’t be sad- and do leave comments.

    Don’t be sad

  3. Bro Ahmab
    Asslamu alikum!
    thank you for visiting my Blog, I ve added your blog link to mine.

    May Allah give you success. aameen

  4. salam alaik..
    syukran jazilan drop some notes inside my blog..

    barakallahu fik..;)

  5. brother, what are your views on tabligh?

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