99 Names of Allah – Al-Malik

4. Al-Malik اَلْمَلِكُ

He is the owner and ruler of the entire universe, visible and invisible, and of all creation, from before the beginning and after the end.

If read abundantly each day after Zawaal, the reader will be given abundant wealth – insha-Allah.

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Dua for Exam/ Study

Is there any kind of supplication for increasing my intelligence/ knowledge because I have GCSE exams from next month?

Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

I pray that you are well, and in the best of health and spirits. May Allah grant you all good in this life and the next.

– Make frequent supplication with the Qur’anic dua,

رَّبّÙ? زÙ?دْنÙ?ي عÙ?لْمًا

Rabbi zidni`ilma
(‘My Lord! Increase me in knowledge!’).

– Leave something haram or disliked from your life for the sake of Allah.

– Renew your commitment to fulfill your religious duties–this practical supplication is far more powerful than mere words.

With this, the sunna is to seek the most effective of means: make sure you are studying in the best and most beneficial of ways.

And Allah alone gives success.
Faraz Rabbani

99 Names of Allah – Ar-Raheem

3. Ar-Raheem اَلرََّحِيْمُ

He is the source of infinite mercy and benificence, who rewards with eternal gifts the one who uses his bounties for the good.

If recited daily after every salaah 100 times, the reciter will be safeguarded against all calamities, and maladies and the entire creation will become affectionate towards him – insha-Allah.

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Muslims and the internet

When it comes to the internet, so much time is wasted, previously the TV was the time waster but now the internet has surpassed it. We need to worry about this influence a great deal more as concerned Muslims, Many many hours and hours can be spent on the net and if after this one reflects as to what they gained from that period of time, the sad reality in most cases is that it was only flicking and scrolling from screens and webpages. Yes there are benefits to be obtained but in general there is so much time wasted on the internet.

Its so sad that after isha people can sit on the internet and stay on for so long that the Fajr salah is missed due to being tired. Visiting some places I asked the father/ parents that your son was awake until 2am, he said oh yes he was doing his homework on the computer. Previusly we would know the child was at the library doing his or her homework, but now they do not have to even leave their room. Only Allah really knows what is going on in the childs room whilst the parents are asleep.

Every evil is available at your finger tips now. Just a few words to type and one can have a picture of such filthy evils imprinted onto your heart, evils previously unimaginable.

All these sins has an impact on our ibaadah and our imaan. Even the kuffar and sinners/ criminals in the past would not see some of the things we can so easily view today. Then we ask ourslves why we do’t experience the pleasure and khushu in our ibadaat, this is the effect of our sins on our heart.

The Holy Prophet pbuh said: ‘A look towards the haram is a poisoned arrow from the arrows of the Iblees.’

How strong is our imaan and how many arrows can our imaan take? Now we are having these arrows shot at us, one after the other through the internet, and Satan continues to deceive us.

May Allah swt give us the taufiq to stregthen and protect our imaan from such sins. Controlling our Nafs is key to save ourselves, and we need to realise that when we are in the privacy, darkness and loneliness of our room with the internet, that Allah the All Seeing, All Hearing is All Aware of what we do. If we realise that someone is watching us while we commit such harams, and that they will take us to task tomorrow then we would refrain from the haram right away. Then how can continue with these harams when tomorrow we will be called to account for these actions in the court of Allah? How we spent each and every second of our lives will be either for us or against us.
If despite realising these points we continue with these sins we should take a serious with regards to our connection with Allah the Almighty.

Inshallah rememberring these points will save us from the evil influences of the internet.
transcribed from a speach given by Shaykh Ibrahim Madani

May Allah swt give the ability first of all to me, and then to you to act upon the above and save ourselves from the clutches of the Satan.
Duas requested please.