Knowledge makes you free from the chains of ignorance, and revives your heart, knowledge takes you out from the darkness of suspicions and superstitions, and gives a new light to your eyes.
Hazrat Abu Ali Saqfi


4 Responses

  1. this is a very good site for a muslim to refer to and get the knowledge from. so thank you for getting this site for muslims ummah around.

  2. this site is indeed very good to learn about islam, but i was wondering if you can help me become a better person, i`m always doing wrong but i dont want to even in ramadan, i want to learn more about islam. thanks.

  3. Salams
    Make a lot of dua sincerely from your heart that you want to change in the month of Ramadan, especially just before Iftar. Ask, even if in your own mother tongue from your heart, insha’Allah Allah will answer them.
    Otherwise make sure you keep company with pious people and read about the Prophets, Sahabah and scholars of past.
    Just my suggestion, I am not a scholar, so please do also pose your question to your local imam, shaykh or Mufti.

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