The principle of scholars is to make thorough research about a subject but the principle of ignorant and foolish people is to be content only with traditions.
Hazrat Imam Malik (r.a)


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  1. i want to know about getting married. how exactly will i know who’s the right one. i really want to get married but i want someone who has great Passion for Allah(swt) and his Rasullulah(saw). one who can take me to the highest level. where my walk will say Allah(swt), my appearance is Allah(swt)

  2. Salams
    Please visit page on haq islam website.

  3. Sorry for responding late. I have linked up on my blog – as per your comment on my blog. May Allah accept all the good intentions and work, we intend to do to please HIM and only HIM, Aameen.

  4. Thanks for this!

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