If you do not make an intention of acquiring Khair (Deeni goodness) from ‘Ilm, then you will be deprived of Tawfeeq.
Imam Abu Haneefah (r.a)


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  1. assalamu alaikum warah matullah; brothers and sisters – i have a question insha’Allah you can help. What is our Aqeedah – in Islam? Allah swt says in the Qur’an that if you do not know, then ask a student of knowledge. Like for e.g – if something was wrong with your mind, you will go see a doctor. It is important for me to know this, as I’m sure you will know more than me – but it will help me to come back to Islam and come back to the deen – it will help me to go about it in the right way, Insha’Allah. Jazak allah khairun.

  2. http://www.inkofscholars.com/inkofscholars.php?file=article.php&id=102
    Inshallah this will help you out, and rather you should ask a scholar not a student of knowledge.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahamtullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    What is the definition of tawfeeq? I guess I’m a bit embarrassed but I do not know what it means when people say ‘May Allah give you tawfeeq.’ Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    ma’a salaamah,


  4. definition of Tawfeeq is inclination but people also use it to mean ability also. No reason to be embarassed, jazakallah for asking!


  5. what is the meaning of the word Tawfeeq.

  6. question: what is thawfeeq? Dear bro/sis in islam, may Allah reward you and us all for talking abt islam and not vain talk. as for your question. as far i my knowledge goes, Hidhayaa (Divine Guidance, which Allah bestows upon His chosen slaves) is of two kinds. one is through ilm (acquired knowledge- throu scholars,books etc) and the other is direct change of heart which Allah subuhaana wa ta’ala causes in His chosen slaves, leading to a state of sudden realization of the truth of the existance of Allah,His commands and our place and purpose and high state of God-Conciousness. this kind of Guidance is called thawfeeq….if i said something wrong it is from myself and if i said it right then it is from Allah subuhaana wa ta’ala. may Allah grant us all Thawfeeq and cause us to live and die as muttaqqun (pious) and muhsinun (good doers)and forbide for us the hell fire and grant us jannat al firdous. salaam alaikum wr wb

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