My Worry for you is not that you fail to succeed, but that you succeed in the wrong thing.
author unknown

Ask yourself what is it that you striving towards and then assess whether this is in line with the success (of the akhirah) that Islam has clearly defined for us.


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  1. Dear fellow muslims and those trying to gain or spread knowledge of Islam,

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  2. Salam Brothers,

    is there any dua for males to get married soon. iam am in a similar situation right now . Pray for me.

    Allah Hafiz

  3. Salams
    I am not a scholar but I think it would be good if you make dua and implore to Allah in your own words, as if they can be sincere and from your heart then Insha-Allah your prayers will be answered.
    Also, check for a specific dua, if after this you still want one.

  4. i hope i get the best grades i can possibly achieve

  5. My uncertainty is that when one is calling on Allah by any of his 99 other names – should one say it with the U sound eg. Ya Hakeem or Ya Hakeemu – which is the correct way?

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