Madrassah Al Zahra – First Sisters Bukhari Graduation Ceremony

Assalamu Alaikum,

Madrassah Al Zahra [London – Walthamstow] is going to hold its First Sisters Bukhari Graduation Ceremony insha’Allah. However, to make it a success, **SPONSORS & Donations are NEEDED!!**.

Madrassah Al Zahra is a Madrassah running the Alim course for sisters. It has been running for approximately seven years and its very first class will be graduating this year insha’Allah.

The Madrassah, being part time, has taken the girls 7 years to complete, and many improvements have been made to the Madrassah Syllabus.

It is greatly indebt, as the Madrassah charge only a small fee to enroll on the Aalimah Course, and so are in need of both students and donations.

“We want the Graduation Ceremony to be successful, and in order for it to be so, we need sponsors and donations from you, our Muslim Brothers and

Please do remember, that you’ll be helping us to give da’wah, & to enrol more students onto the course which insha’Allah will be a means of Sadaqah Jaariyah.

Please do contact us at for more information.

A friend of mine attends the Madrassah and is currently in the third year. She hopes to fulfill her and her parents dream by completing the course to spread Islam insha’Allah.

By inviting others to the final lesson of Sahih Bukhari, people may be able to see the success of the students insha’Allah. Since it is a part time Alimah Course, the girls face the world whilst studying and in some way, give up more than Darul Uloom students.

The Madrassah will also be holding its end of year Jalsa on the day, so sisters may watch and listen to various presentations by the students.

The Madrassah really wants more sisters to join, so that ilm can spread and falsehood may vanish, however, due ot the Madrassah being in debt, donations are needed. Please do email the above address so that the Madrassah may know that there are people out there who care, who want the best for their brothers and sisters, whether living near by or or not.


Become a sponser and have your logo and website address up on the poster insha’Allah. It may become a boost for your business, it may become a boost for your imaan.

Donate Today! Do Not Delay! Please Your Lord Allah and attain Jannah!

Wassalamu Alaikum


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