99 Names of Allah – Al-Jaami

87. Al-Jaami اَلْجَامِعُ

Allah is the gatherer of whatever He wishes, wherever He wishes. Allah has gathered together within this universe spaces, galaxies-stars, earths, seas, plants and animals, things whose nature, size, shape and colour are different.

If anyone’s family or relatives are scattered (due to war, earthquake, floods etc.) he should bath at the time of Dhoha (Chast) and lifting the gaze towards the heavens say this Ism 10 times. But this should be enumerated with the fingers in such a way that with each reading, one finger should be closed until all ten fingers are closed. Thereafter the hands should be passed across the face (as when completing dua). By doing so the dispersed members of his family will soon come together – Insha-Allah.

99 Names of Allah – Index


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