99 Names of Allah – Az-Zaahir

75. Az-Zaahir اَلظَّاهِرُ

Allah is the manifest one. Allah most high is hidden from those who seek to see by means of their senses, but He is apparent to those ho seek to know Him by the wisdom and reason that Allah has bestowed upon them.

The one who repeats this Ism 500 times daily after Ishraaq, Allah will cause his sight and heart to be filled with light and noor.

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3 Responses

  1. assalamualikum
    its a vry good effort to bring the people towards islam ALLAH will give u the fruit of this i also give my services to u thanks

  2. you are doing a great job bringing people towards Allah is a great thing keep it up.
    but can you plz translate the word “ISHRAAQ”.Thank you.

  3. In another narration of Tirmidhi, Rasulullah is reported to have said, ‘He who performs Fajr Salat with Jamaat and remains seated in the same place while engaging in Dhikr until after sunrise and thereafter performs 2 Rakaats Nafil Salat, (Ishraaq), he will obtain the Thawaab of one Hajj and one Umrah.’ (Tirmidhi).

    From the above Ahaadith, we learn that the number of Rakaats to be performed are 2 or 4 Rakaats, and the Mustahabb method of performing it is to remain seated in your place of Salat after Fajr and engage in Dhikr, etc. until sunrise. Then, approximately, 10-15 minutes after sunrise perform 2-4 Rakaats. ‘If a person gets occupied in some worldly activity after the Fajr Salat, and after sunrise he offers Ishraaq Salat, this will also be permissible although the reward will be less.’ (Bahishti Zewar part2 pg.30)
    source: http://www.albalagh.net/qa/ishraq_chasht_times.shtml

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