99 Names of Allah – Al-Wahhaab

17. Al-Wahhaab اَلْوَهَّابُ

He is the donor of all, without conditions, without limits without asking anyone benefit or return, giving everything to everyone, everywhere, always.

A poverty stricken person should say this Ism constantly; or write it and keep it on him(as a taweez); or say it 40 times in the last sajdah of Duha(Chast) Salaah: insha-Allah he will be freed from poverty in an unexpected and amazing manner.

For a particular need to be fulfilled, observe sajdah thrice in the courtyard of the house or Masjid and then lift the hands (as in du’a) and say this Ism 100 times: if Allah wills, the need will be fulfilled.

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  1. I interest roohani education please send me different qurani taweez and etc.
    Dr.qaim ali shah (homeopthysician)

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