99 Names of Allah – Al-Jabbaar

10. Al-Jabbaar اَلْجَبَّارُ

He is the repairer of the broken, the completer of the lacking, the one who can enforce His will without any opposition.

Anyone who says this Ism 226 times each morning and each evening will be safeguarded against the oppression of tyrants and despots. If anyone engraves it on a silver ring and wears it, his awe and magnificence will become inborn in the hearts of people – insha-Allah.

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3 Responses

  1. asalam alikum thank u for ur time can u get me all allah asama alhusna thank wasalam

  2. salam i just find this site by search . i want to know one thing .. as iy tells that to recite add ya and remove AL from the ism but if one need to wear the ring than tell me how to write the ism on silver ring ? example ya jabbar or aljabbar and to read its ya jabbaro ? am i right thanks

  3. get the ism engraved by a goldsmith and wear it—INSHALLAH it will work

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