Dua for Strengthening Memory

Dua for Strengthening Memory
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Glorified are You. We do not know except what you have taught us. Surely you are all-knowing,
all-wise. My Lord, expand for me my Bosom and ease for me my task
and remove the knot from my tongue (speech) so that they may understand my speech. My Lord increase me in knowledge.
O Allah, fill my heart with light and increase the strength of my hearing, my sight and my memory.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Jazakallah khair! just what I need for my exams coming up soon…



  2. If we look at the world today, the tribulations, the trials, and every war that we have, we will see that every bit of human suffering is rooted in human hearts. The reason people are aggressive against other people is due to diseases of the heart: covetousness, the desire to conquer, the desire to exploit other people, and the desire to steal their natural resources are all from diseases of the heart. A sound heart cannot commit such acts. Every murderer, every rapist, every idolater, every fowl person, every person showing an act of cruelty has a diseased heart because these actions emanate from diseased hearts. If the hearts were sound, none of these actions would be a reality. Therefore, if we wish to change our world, we cannot go about it by attempting to rectify the outward; rather, we change the world by rectifying the inward because it is the inward that precedes the outward.
    Allah subhana wa ta’ala has created man, and in this man He has placed the nafs. From time to time the nafs of person leads him to commit sins. Every time a person commits a sin he should seek Allah’s forgiveness and should not get upset or disillusioned with himself and say “I don’t think I can fight my desires, so I shall not even bother.” This is what Shaytan likes to hear and it is thoughts like this that eventually take .
    On the other hand when a person turns sincerely to Allah in repentance, regretting his actions, Allah subhana wa ta’ala forgives all of his sins. It is for this reason that a person should continue to do as many good deeds as he possibly can.

    There is no peace in disobedience to Allah . We may collect all the wealth of the world but we will not find peace in that.Look the people of the world (those who make effort only for wealth and position ) . They have unlimited wealth,the best education possible and all door to pleasure wide open. Inspite of that they need tranquilisers and sleeping pills to find some rest . They lack peace of heart . They cannot sleep because peace cannot be found in sin and disobedience . Peace lies only in the obedience of Allah and His messenger (s) .Allah give peace only to those who love Him , whose heart remember Him.Although they live a life of worry ,their hearts are at peace . They may face poverty and want but their hearts are content and comfortable . If we wish to have comfort in this world then we will have to give up disobedience and sin .
    Look at the ‘Ni’mats (bounties) which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed upon us. There can be no price tag attached to any one of them. Our speech, sight, hearing, intelligence, etc. are invaluable gifts. Develop the love of Allah Ta’ala by pondering over these gifts bestowed upon us, without our deserving them and increase the Love of Allah Ta’ala until in everything the Qudrat of Allah is seen.

    To get Deen and love to obey Allah and His Rasul (s) , we must have conviction for Allah in our heart .For this we must spent sometime everyday . Think about the greatness of Allah and talk about Allah ,That He can do Everything.Our life and death,our effort ,our study , our sustenance ,all things depend on Allah only. Everyday spent sometimes in the Zikr of Allah and don`t miss any salat.And also spent sometime to make du`a to Allah , ask Him all your needs , depends only on Him. Nobody can do any benefit or any harm without His permission
    Most of the love and friendship expressed these days is nothing but politics and diplomacy, cheat, deceit and hypocrisy. Befriend a person for the Pleasure of Allah and for the sake of Deen. This friendship, which is not for material benefit, will not only last until Death, but will even continue into Jannat (Paradise).

    Ihsan Buxsoo

    E-Mail address : al_ihsaan@gawab.com

    My Blog : al-ihsaan.blospot.com

    Assalaamu `Alaykum


  3. Selam And Rahmetullah,
    Al-An’am 155/156 This Book (Quran) which We have revealed is a blessed one. Follow its guidance and have piety so that you perhaps may receive mercy and will not say that the Book was revealed only to two groups of people before you, or that you were ignorant of its knowledge, or proclaim, “Had the Book been revealed to us, we would have followed its guidance better than the (Jews and Christians).
    Islam is the only good tool for humanity to benefit from during this short life on earth.

    However the big majority of muslims around the world today are not aware of the knowledge within the Quran. Every nation, as you must have noticed, changed the practice of islam according to what their ancestors taught them. Unfortunately in practice, islam has become a religion that is passed on from father to son lacking knowledge and meaning. This you can clearly witness by asking muslims about the meaning of the terms they use when they are on the prayer mat. As you know Allah considers the ones with knowledge as the ones who can see, and the ones who has no knowledge are like the blind.

    We have to encourage the islamic nations to consume the Translations of the Holy Quran, with the most upto date variety of transliations they have of the Quran in their mother tounge, not just to read it for once but to make reading Quran’s translation as a part of our ordinary daily life for the rest of our time on earth.

    Az-Zumar 23 Allah has revealed the best reading material in the form of a Book with similar passages which refer to each other and make the skins of those who fear their Lord shiver. Then their skins and hearts incline to the remembrance of Allah. This is the guidance of Allah. He guides whomever He wants. No one can guide those whom Allah has caused to go astray.

    Az-Zumar 27 We have given all kinds of examples for the human being in this Quran so that perhaps he may take heed.

    Az-Zumar 36 Is Allah not sufficient (support) for His servants? They frighten you with what they worship besides Allah. Who can guide one whom Allah has caused to go astray?

    Az-Zumar 37 Who can mislead one whom Allah has guided? Is Allah not Majestic and Revengeful?

    Muhammed 24 Is it that they do not think about the Quran or are their hearts sealed?

    Al-Qamar 17 We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?

    Al-Hadid 16 Is it not time for the hearts of the believers to become humbled by the remembrance of Allah and by the Truth which has been revealed so that they will not be like the followers of the Bible who lived before them and whose hearts have become hard like stone through the long years. Many of them are evil doers.

    Ya-Sin 29 Surely they who recite the Book of Allah constantly and keep up their prayer and spend out of what We have given to them secretly and openly, those can hope for a gain which will not perish.

    Reciting the book constantly to understand is something we are adviced to practice and by doing this we are rightly guided. Our souls also need to be fed just like our bodies. People who have faith already practice islam as a lifestyle MUST be guided to consume Quran to understand. How is it possible to be guided by Allah if no understanding is there.

    Reading Quran without understanding is something like as if the Quran is a big chest of treasure Allah has given us to use and spend in order to benefit from in this worldly life and never feel poverty and fear. People who are not understanding but reading it in Arabic are like the ones who opens up this chest and start playing and rubbing the gold and diamonds within the chest. By spending their time rubbing the wealth of Allah they are partly relieved and they feel good sensations at those moments, however as soon as they finish reading they close the chest and lock it, and return back to their lives empty pocketed and blind. They are the ones who does not benefit from this treasure.

    People who read to understand the guidance of Allah are like the ones who open up the chest and fill their pockets with the wealth of Allah to spend it on themselves and help others who are also in need.By this they are relieved from many hardnesses of this short life and they are the ones who never fear poverty.

    The guidence of Allah is open to all nations around the world. Arabs today also have difficulty understanding the Quran if they dont have the education to understand it further. (eg. some new english speaker trying to understand Shakspare) All nations today are almost at the same distance to understanding Allah’s teachings.

    Half an hour daily minimum dose will turn anyone at any level of education aware of the basic mentality of Islam.

    Believers must understand that Quran is something that they MUST consume to understand for the rest of their life on earth. By this they will benefit everyday to sit aside with Allah and listen to his own words and teachings.

    We must not forget our Prophet and sahabe never consumed anything other then the Quran, which to them was a clear understanding.

    All praises to Allah, Oh Allah You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help.

    Ender Serbes serbese@yahoo.com

  4. apart from the Quranic verse can you please specify the person from whom some of the above dua(s) is related. Jazakh Allah and may Allah make u the source to spread Deen-e-Islam

  5. Want a dua for making and being good freinds

  6. can i get the dua for my memory strenght in english please

  7. Help,
    The dua for memory strength in english can be found under the arabic in the above post.

  8. If you’re looking for the transliteration, here it is:

    Subhaanaka laa ‘ilma lanaa illaa maa ‘al-lamta-naa ‘in-naka ‘antal ‘a-leemul hakeem.
    Rab-bish-rah lee sad-ree wa yas-sir lee ‘am-ree wahlul ‘uq-da-tam min li-saa-nee
    yaf-qahoo qaulee. Rabbi zidnee ‘ilmaa. Al’laahumma naw-wir qal-bee wa zid quw-wata sam’ee
    wa ba-sa-ree wa hifzee

  9. jazakallah!!
    make dua, im becoming a hafaiz.

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