A Ramadan Dua

Allah during this month, accept my fast as the fast of those whose fast is acceptable to Thee. Accept my standing up in Salaat as the standing up of those whose Salaat is acceptable to Thee. Keep me awake during this month and free me from the desires of the insensible persons. in this holy month forgive my sins and errors, O the One worshipped in all the Universe. Pardon me, O the One who pardons the sinners.
recieved by email from Zaheer Mahomed


2 Responses

  1. Almighty Allah, please aceept our fastings, namaaz, and duas during this auspicious month of Ramadan. Please shower your choicest mercies, peace, blessings, protection, forgivness, on all believing men, women, children, and all brothers and Sisters in Islam, those who are alive and those who are dead. Keep us away from the vices of this world, and help us your servants in remembering you, be thankful to you, and pray to you always. Oh Allah protect our brothers, sisters, and children who are suffering around the world for various reasons. Oh Allah do not lay a burden on them more than what they are able to bare. Oh Allah, help us to join hands in the name of Allah and in the Name of Islam and help our brothers, sisters and children in need. Oh Allah, help us! for you are the only one that can help us!! Allhumdullilah!!! Allah Akbar!!

  2. jazakallah kheir

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