Salam Alaikum

Salam Alaykum,
So I was able to visit Edinburgh earlier this week and alhumdulillah I saw some beautiful and amazing scenery whilst up there. Looking down at one of the many Lochs up that way none could spot a fault or glitch in the wonderful creation of Allah swt.

How amazing it was to see the water in the lake, and then the same water rises invisibly and forms a visible cloud and the cloud then moves around as does the earth only with the permission of Allah. Later on this same water is then dispelled of from the sky in the form of rain (a mercy of Allah) through which the crops and plantations can grow. Moreso ajeeb that rainfull in excess can cause damage, harmand death, as we have seen around the globe in recent months.

Anyway, onto what I really came to write about…
On two seperate days in the centre of Edinburgh a bearded christian asked me if I could speak arabic. The first time I responded yes, and he was armed with pamphlets for us and tried to get us to take them. Whilst I didnt actually take one, my friend did and he confirmed it as being missionary material. I was shocked for a moment at the preparation and audacity of the christian that he should have such printed material in arabic, in attempt to convert Muslims. The shock didnt last that long as my brain ticked over and recalled their behaviour in Indonesia and Sri Lanka shortly after the Tsunami.

The real sad thing for me was when Muslims attempt to call other Muslims towards good in general, or to the Masjid for a talk etc, then they have the door shut on them or worse mocked, ridiculed etc. Subhanallah, if this is how we behave to our fellow Muslims when they are concerned for us and the ummah, then is it any wonder that the Ummah is in the dire condition it is in today?! Granted we may not totally agree to what is being said to us or the way it is being done, but rather than isolating yourself frm them as quickly as possible why not play a positive role and give them some time and or feedback?

If you cannot at least do this then know that you have done detriment to the cause of Islam rather than benefit. Also in a hadith it is said that ‘Satan is closer to the one and futher from the two, so stick with the community.’ Let these words take root in your mind and inshallah good will come out of it.

Alhumdulillah, I saw Edinburgh central masjid which Mashallah is very nice.
After visiting the mosque we visited Khushis for a bite to eat, and the food was amazing there!!
Anyways, best not start talking about food, else the post might not end.

Duah ma yhad.


2 Responses

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Firstly, glad 2 hear u had a gud time Alhamdullilah. It mustv been amazing!

    Jazakalah khair 4 sharing the sad reality with us..we need 2 really think hard about what wer doing…b4 its too late…

    Hey that Kushi place sounds intresting..mmmmmm….

    Finally please accept my apologies 4 not being able to post 4 a while, will make every effort to very soon…b4 i get bombarded with interviews!

    Dua mein yaad


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