Breathing Islam..

Assalamu alikum

I hope ur all in the best of health and imaan.

Ok, so this is my first post on breathe islam (well, me being clumsy I just lost a whole post I typed up and nearly finished !,hope this one is betta). I’m hoping 2 contribute 2 this blog by posting now and then Inshallah…

Before I begin posting I’d like to explain what breathe islam means to me….

To me, breathing islam means more than just eating, drinking or sleeping it…breathe islam means living it. Islam is afterall a complete way of life. Its our structure and basis 2 everything that we do from the big things to the small things and to the simple things such as a simple breath. Ur probably thinking ‘what has this got 2 do with it ? read on and all wil b revealed….’

Breathing as we all know (I hope by now :P) is a very important part of living. If our breathing ever ceased, our life would end…simple as that really.
In the same manner, to breathe islam means that if something so simple yet critical such as our precious islam were taken away from our hearts, then our hearts would be dead the moment it happened. To live ur heart needs oxygen, islam is the oxygen that the heart needs to keep life going but cannot live without…
The moment that oxygen (islam) stops flowing in ur heart, ur heart will slow down and b4 u know it u’ll b dead (if not physically u’ll definately b spiritually dead).

If we remember Islam as being the oxygen to keep the heart spiritually healthy, and we have breathed it all our lives, then when we do physically stop breathing, our islam will Inshallah be with us in the akhira too.

Imam Ghazali (RA) puts it beautifully in his Ihya:

‘Your time is your life, and your life is your capital; it is the basis of your transactions (with God), and the means to attain everlasting felicity, in the proximity of god the exalted.
Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, and when it pases away it never returns’

See how beautifully but simply one of the great scholars of islam puts it, subhanallah!
Whenever I read it, It really softens my heart…hopefully to let me breathe my islam a little bit more…

B4 I end this post I have a couple of things I’d like 2 say…

Firstly, Jazakallah khair 2 Br.Ahmed without whom this blog wudn’t have happened. I pray that u always remain as dedicated 2 the deen as u r, and I hope that Allah (swt) rewards u greatly 4 all that u do in blog world.Ameen. 🙂

Secondly, Br. Zain…Jazakallah khair 2u…I’m glad ur a part of this team. Inshallah with an asset like urself and the blessings that cum with u this blog will go far :). Ur inspirational posts r always something 2 look 4ward 2, and I’m sure they will always b eagerly awaited. May Allah (swt) raise u in rank and may he make u one of his saliheen salves.Ameen.

Thirdly and finally, I pray that Allah (swt) accepts our humble efforts on this blog and on our respective blogs and that we may be the first to act on anything that we say. I pray that He ALLAH (swt) blesses us with the inclination 2 breathe islam every breath of our lives not to live, but to please him and to become his obedient slaves.Ameen. And I pray that this blog alog with the many other blogs out there benefitting pple r a path that ppl can use to Inshallah bcum closer to our rabb.Ameen.

I pray that all those who read this blog, and continue 2 support this blog may share the blessings and outcome of it. I pray that those pple ( uno who u r :)) who are always there supporting us and encouraging us gain great blessings from Allah, bcuz without these special pple I would have left blog world a long time ago…

Time 4 me 2 go..

Over and out

Mujahidah an Nafs

Sorry Br.Ahmed this was long one!


10 Responses

  1. salaam,

    i read something about this threat of islam in conservative christian magazine….i formulated an point of view based of it and wanted to get some opinions, if you care to share

    How Muslims should address the war on terror.

    We, as Muslims, know that the motivation for any so-called Jihadist activities is not a “hatred for freedom,” but rather a reaction to foreign policies and the encroachment of the West on Islamic world. Is the violence justified? No. Is the violence the best reaction to the policies? No. Does the West want the violent reactions? Yes. Why? So the West can continue its encroachment on the lives of Muslims everywhere. What should Muslims do about it? Muslims in the world should drop the resistance and anger against the West. The greatest fear of policymakers in the West is not the violence; the violence can be quelled, but rather the explosive growth potential in the population of the Muslim World. Muslim nations have the youngest average age of all nations in the world, and therefore the greatest potential for population growth. This is what drives fear in the West and why it reacts with such hatred; the world through demographic change will become more Islamic by default. With the West bringing the war to the Islamic world and killing thousands of Muslims today, the West is actually killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of Muslims a few generations from now. This is at the heart of the West’s war on terror agenda. The West must slow the growth of the world Islamic population. If there really is a war between the West and Islam right now, it will not be won or lost with guns, but rather birth rates. Demography is destiny. Muslims will only survive by living peacefully as the Quran teaches, and focusing on the growth and stability of the family as they have done for many generations.

  2. As Salaamu Alaykum, Masha-Allah that was a great post as usual. Just as breating is essential for life, Islam is essential for succes in both the worlds. It is great to be part of the team and I hope this blog reaches people from all over and aids them in seeking the pleasure of Allah.


  3. As salaamu alaikum

    ” A prayer flies where the Eagle never flew.It won’t let you down for it reaches the highest throne!”
    May Allah allow this blog to reach new heights for Allah’s Pleasure everyday! ameen

  4. Salams
    ameen to all the duahs
    Jazakallah for that amazing insight into what Breathing Islam means to you. I wholeheartedly agree with you.
    No worry about your post being long, Alhumdulillah its all educational and beneficial, so keep it up.

  5. Asalamu alaikum 2 u all,

    Hope ur all well n in the bset of imaan…

    Br. Sajjad
    Jazakallah khair 4 firstly droppin by, wow thats a lot of writing, and a lot of writing takes a lot of brain power 2 reply 2, so if u dont mind, cud u gimmi a couple of days 2 think about it…Jazakallah khair


    Jazakallah khair 4 ur comment. Ameen 2 the duas, I too pray that this blog may aid pple in seeking the pleasure of Allah and that he may accept our humble efforts to please Him ALLAH (SWT). Ameen.

    Dua mein Yaad


    Lanallah buddy 🙂
    Jazakallah khair 4 droppin by! Thats such a beautiful comment Mashallah and Ameen to the beautiful dua. Take care, and drop by again 🙂


    Br Ahmed
    Jazakallah khair, glad my thoughts arn’t confusing (they can b)and glad u agree with them.

    Dua mein yaad


  6. Br. Sajjad
    Sorry 4 the late reply, I 4got 2 mention that ur point of view is very intresting…heres a pearl of wisdom that I found that could sum everything up perfectly…

    How do we achieve shared meaning in our relationships? One way is to recognize that conflict often stems from people’s idealism. If we can uncover the ideals hidden within another’s position in a conflict, we can often find common meaning. Another way to achieve shared meaning is to talk about our dreams and aspirations, fostering one another’s support for these quests. And, finally, we can achieve shared meaning through the use of rituals–that is, regularly engaging in meaningful activities that draw people together emotionally. Most conflicts don’t arise from pathology. They develop because people attach different meaning to the same situations, which gets in the way of their ability to bid and respond to one another’s bids for connection. But if they keep talking to one another and describing how they find meaning in their positions, they may reach some common ground, a place where meanings merge and compromise is possible. [The Relationship Cure] taken from lessons of the day


  7. Hello

    Just thought i post a comment to say i did read this. 🙂

    Which template are you using?

  8. Assalamu alakium ‘spareblog’ not 2 sure 2 b honest, mayb Br.Ahmed can answer ur question Inshallah (cuz i aint gotta a clue in the world). Jazakallah 4 reading the post 🙂


  9. Salam Alaykum,
    First of all I am so sorry for not replying sooner, pls forgive me. We used Fast track template from the Blogsome standard templates, but have made a few small modifications to it. As yet I dont fully understand the Blogsome code and tags. Inshallah with time this will change.


  10. Salamualaykum

    I wanted to ask you if you can add my Blog to your Blog Links. Your excellent Blog has been added already a long time ago to my Blogroll.

    Just asking. Jazak’Allah Khair!

    Wa Salam

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