99 names of Allah – Allah

1. Allah اَلله

Allah is Al-ism Al-a’zam, the greatest name which contains all the divine attributes and is the sign of the essence and cause of all existence. Allah does not resemble in any way any of His creation. Allah is Allah’s name only. Nothing else can assume this name or share it.

Whoever reads this name of Allah 1,000 times daily, all doubts and uncertainties will be removed from his heart and, instead, determination and faith will become inborn in him – Insha-Allah.

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13 Responses

  1. As-Salaam u alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    Masha ALLAH its a very nice, useful and informative.
    May ALLAH reward you for your efforts – Ameen

    I was searching for a few stuff which i found in here

    wa salaam


  2. Thank you for your hard work. I think if you display that 99 Names of Allah in table format, ( name, Means and readers benefit) more easier. thanks
    Ahmed Ali, Maldivs

  3. Thank you for your work and for your time.I have placed this on my desktop so that I can refer to it all the time.
    I am so deeply grateful.
    May Allah Bless you righly for sharing with the world.
    Jasak Allah……..

  4. As a non-Muslim, I find that this website is extremely useful to me as a scholar of medieval history and the role of religion in society. As one of the three Abrahamic faiths, I find Islam so fascinating, and this website is so well organized and easy to follow. I find it easy to learn the vagaries of the faith, the meanings behind the various prayers and rituals, and the many ways that God is revered by Muslims. Kudos to you and thank you for the opportunity to be educated in this, a very respectable and worldly religion.

  5. Thanks for your comments Tony.
    Please help share this website with others by linking to it if you have your own webpage.

  6. Assalaam walikum thank you brother and sister for this website it is very useful. Inshahallah allah will keep my brother and sisters happy. Allah is the greatest May Allah do you good and keep you happy

  7. Salaam, I just wanted to say jazakalah khair for a GREAT video. There is a a comment you made “Whoever reads this name of Allah 1,000 times daily, all doubts and uncertainties will be removed from his heart and, instead, determination and faith will become inborn in him – Insha-Allah.” I was wondering if there is any evidence attached to this comment, like a hadith or ayat from the Quran? Jazakalah khair again for your efforts.

  8. Salaam,
    The above as far as I’m aware is not from hadith, rather the special attributes of the Beautiful Names of Allah are given by qualified shaykhs to their students. The info for the book I have taken these from are given in the link above.

  9. Asalam-Alaykum brother, thank you very much, and we all should thank Allah for giving us this knowledge.

  10. You are doing a great job for the islamic family which we humans can’t reward you so may ALLAH (S.W.T) reward you

  11. I love Allah and i want His Help to do my job.
    To Glorify Him.

  12. Thank you brother for the splendid work. May Allah reward you for your efforts

  13. My heart was too much covered by doubts of shaiytan whisprings all the time,which realy made me very anxious and depression and reached me to loss of faith but now i found the treatment here .thanks
    Allah accept your worshing and keep you more long life for the service and preaching of islam all over the world.
    Khuda hafiz

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