O Allah! I ask You to bestow Your mercy on me, to forgive me, to protect me from every sin, to give me a share of every good, and to grant me the attainment of the Garden and salvation from the Fire.


5 Responses

  1. i think you people are doing a great job here and i do believe that only Allah can reward you.but i’ll use this opportunity to say that you should start welcoming hadiths and other duah’s from browsers of this site.

  2. Allah is merciful the most graceful.He forgives you for any scene you do.Allah hu wakbarr.
    This imformation is useful.

  3. can you give me some duah to read if someone has ran away from home. for them to retun back home.

  4. Dear Ahmed
    Thanks for a wonderful site,
    Please will you add the Darood Shariff in English.

    Many Thanks

  5. In Reply to H of 17th January 2007
    Read Ya Jame one of the 99 names of Allah you will find it on this site.
    Try it It works

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